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was awarded a doctoral degree by Jadavpur University Kolkata
and was formerly an Associate Professor of physical chemistry in RAMAKRISHNA MISSION
RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE, (autonomous under Calcutta University), Narendrapur, Kolkata,
West Bengal. He has thirty-seven years of teaching experience in undergraduate and twelve
years in postgraduate classes and has research experience of nearly fifteen years. His earlier
titles are- Physical Chemistry (Vol. 1,2,3), Comprehensive Physical Chemistry (Part-1, 2) for
the recently changed syllabus, Physical Chemistry- problems & solutions and Chemical

Understanding Physical Chemistry
by Hrishikesh Chatterjee- release date- April 2023 Target readers: Students of UG (Hons.) and Graduate Chemistry courses.


  • Writen by Dr. Hrishikesh Chatterjee
  • Publisher Nonlinear Insights (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Year 2023