By Asish K Bhattacharyya

Why should I write another textbook on Financial Accounting for management students when I authored a few books on the subject and standard textbooks authored by other teachers are available in the market? The question hovered in my mind for a few months before I finally decided to write the book. I was motivated to write a textbook with innovative pedagogy and presentation to help adult learners who join management programmes shed their inhibitions quickly and start learning the subject with fun. With this objective, I have arranged the material so that the principles are explained in jargon-free language immediately followed by simple examples. I have selected assignments carefully, focusing on diversity rather than numbers, as management students, unlike commerce students, do not find time to practice many problems. I have also kept in mind the feedback from recruiters. They gave the feedback that management graduates lack an understanding of fundamental principles.

I am happy that the initial feedback from students and instructors is positive. My effort will reverse the trend of only studying the PPTs the instructors present. When students enjoy learning, they learn and do not look for shortcuts.

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